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Confusion/any one vs anyone

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Confusion/any one vs anyone
Message from tolearnthingseo posted on 18-09-2019 at 14:55:07 (D | E | F)
I am confused about the use of "anyone" and "any one." According to Collins dict. (Choose from the following quizzes: > English Grammar > confusables):
"any one or anyone?
Which version is correct?
RIGHT(colored blue): Has any one seen my car keys?
WRONG(colored red): Has anyone seen my car keys?"
According to Grammar( ,line 4):
"Has anyone seen my wallet?"
Both of the sentences are quite similar. In my opinion, because the question simply refers to people (not grouping etc.), "anyone" is a better choice. Which one is correct?

Edited by lucile83 on 18-09-2019 17:05

Re: Confusion/any one vs anyone from gerondif, posted on 18-09-2019 at 17:03:38 (D | E)
I am doing these tests to see what they are like and :
Anyone can come to the meeting is in green, correct.
The tests don't go very deep, after a while, the same questions crop up again.

Has anyone/anybody seen my car keys?

Pick a card ! Yes, pick one ! Any one !

Normally someone and anyone meaning somebody and anybody are in one word.
Only no-one is in two words.

Re: Confusion/any one vs anyone from lucile83, posted on 18-09-2019 at 17:04:54 (D | E)
Here is the answer...Link

"Anyone is a pronoun that indicates any person. It is used when there are no qualifications to the grouping. Something could belong to anyone if there are no distinguishing marks or unique factors.
Unlike anytime and anymore, anyone is not simply an adverb form of any one and they are not interchangeable outside of the United States.

Any one is a term that means any single object or person. It is generally not listed in dictionaries except perhaps to distinguish the differences with anyone.
Several phrases use the term anyone and slightly change the meaning for each.

Re: Confusion/any one vs anyone from robyn27, posted on 07-10-2019 at 19:06:24 (D | E)
Sincerely, I had never seen before anyone in 2 words...

Re: Confusion/any one vs anyone from lucile83, posted on 07-10-2019 at 21:37:49 (D | E)
Here is another link about anyone or any one : Link

and another one : Link

Re: Confusion/any one vs anyone from thomas2019, posted on 11-10-2019 at 12:08:08 (D | E)
I agree with lucile83!

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