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Myths and heroes/plan

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Myths and heroes/plan
Message de flomzea posté le 25-10-2016 à 11:13:23 (S | E | F)
Je suis en TS et je dois préparer un oral type BAC sur la notion de "Myths and heroes". Nous avons un plan type fourni par la prof mais j'ai tout de même essayé de faire un plan plus personnel. Pouvez-vous m'aider s'il vous plait ? Je ne sais pas s'il est hors-sujet ...
Merci d'avance pour vos réponses !!

I’m going to talk about the notion “Myths and Heroes”.
To me, a myth is an old story, a kind of legend which explains phenomenons of life using generally supernatural persons or events. Each civilization gets its own myths and explanations which make them very interesting to study. For example, Native Americans get a lot of stories concerning the “alma mater”, the power of Nature and animals totems. These myths permit to understand the way of life of certain civilizations.
In general, myths include heroes. These last ones can be animals, gods, humans, “super powerful” humans etc … A hero is the main character of a myths, story or legend. Not only does he have super human qualities but also is admired for his virtues as courage, kindness or loyalty. We can give the well-known example of Hercules and his 12 labours. In the grecque and roman mythology, a hero is a half-human, half-god person. Nowadays, we also have heroes in real life : nurses, doctors, soldiers, policemen/women and all the people who help each other can be, for me, considered as heroes. They actually give their life for us to keep us safe. To me, a hero can be a totally normal person who help anyone who need it.
To what extent can myths and heroes influence us, our way of life and our way of thinking ?
To answer this question, I’m going to present several documents studied in class these past 3 years.

I] Myths and ancient role models
Aborigenes in Australia : movie “The Rabbit-Proof Fence” / minority / a traditional way of life / inequality
Native Americans : a traditional way of life / Manifest Destiny
Cow-boys vs Indians : Manifest Destiny / painting 2nde

II] Culture and the arts
Images of America (“Dreamland”, 2004) : Amercian culture / Stars / powerful nation / cartoon
Famous american people : Marilyn Monroe (beauty) / M. Jakson, Elvis Presley (music)

III] Influence people
Great inventors : Steve Jobs / document p.24-25 “What a great job !” / Bill Gates / new technology (Apple)
From rags to riches : Oprah Winfrey / document p.21 “A successful woman” / self-made woman / powerful / admired / philanthropist (human relationships)
The Independence of India 1947 : photography “Gandhi and his spinning wheel” 1ère / Gandhi / peaceful way of life / peaceful March / change the history of India / powerful / followed by millions of people / admired

In conclusion, in almost each civilization, myths and heroes have made traditions. We can think about the aborigines in Australia or the Native Americans. Unfortunately, the meeting of certain cultures creates tensions : we can take the example of the eternal fight between cowboys and Indians. The American culture is wide : it can be represents as much by Natives than by Marilyn Monroe or “The King” Elvis Presley passing by the president Lincoln and Mickey Mouse. Lots of American people became famous and were admired worldwide, we already quote Marilyn and “The King” but we can also think about Michael Jackson, who stay icons even dead. These people can have a huge influence on people and on their way of life. We can consider the Apple’s inventor, Steve Jobs, as one of these influential person : he revolutionized the new technologies. A person can be admired for her background and what she did despite. Oprah Winfrey was in this situation : after a hard teenage hood, she became one of the most influential woman in the world. In another context, Gandhi was admired for his very peaceful way of life. He was followed by millions of Indians to win the Independence of India in 1949.
All these facts make us think about the famous “American Dream”. Although, is it real ? Is it really possible to live the “American dream” nowadays ? In “Requiem for the American Dream”, Noam Chomsky, the most famous philosopher of the 21st century, describes the death of this myth.

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