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Oral/Espaces et échanges
Message de chloeav posté le 12-04-2016 à 15:49:41 (S | E | F)
Bonjour, je suis en Terminale scientifique et je prépare mes oraux du Bac. Pourriez-vous me dire quelles sont mes fautes s'il vous plait ?
Merci d'avance.

I will speak about the notion of espaces and echanges by studying this issue: What do the new Americans aspire to? According to the dictionary definition, exchange can appear in many forms: trade, information, and also people. So, immigration is linked to this notion. The USA is a nation of immigrants. It was the first destination for immigrants in the past, it’s a favorite destination for immigrants today and it may still be destination number one in the future. This notion deals with the spaces occupied by these immigrants. Firstly, I will present the reasons, for the immigrants, to leave their life behind and to go to the USA. Subsequently, I will speak about the American Dream. Finally, I will speak about the complications for these immigrants during their integration process.

These immigrants can have a lot of reasons, for leaving their life and for going far away from their native country. For example, they can want to leave their life because they want to escape from a totalitarian regime or from a war, a crisis... They near want to escape poverty, to find a better job or a better situation, for them or their family... America offered the opportunity to make a new life in a land that valued liberty. Immigrants hoped to have a better life with a plot of land which was for them a means to survive and become prosperous. Escaping America was not an option; it was a matter of life and death for some immigrants. We studied some characters of this type. We listened to an audio document in which there were three characters, who came to have a better life, a better situation. One of them, called Martin Matoda, came from Bulgaria because he wanted to have a better chance to find a job, he wanted to access the educational sytem. He wanted to find a better job with his degree. Another, called Nick Injows, came from Kenya, because he also wanted to find a better job, because he thought that there were more opportunities in American than in his country. Nevertheless, it’s very hard, for the characters, to leave their life, their country, because, by doing. So they abandon their family, their house, their memories... It’s not simple, for them, and, sometimes, children or teenagers left their houses when they were young. This choice can be selfish. The families and the friends suffer a lot with the departure of their loved ones, but, sometimes, the taste for adventure and risk, or fate are stronger than remorse.
Sometimes, these immigrants leave everything because they want to fulfill their American Dream. The American Dream is the possibility for every immigrant to start from scratch, to succeed while he has nothing, just with his courage, his determination. That’s enough and with this he can prosper. It suggests a better life for the future. They hope to realise this American Dream. Nevertheless, they may have doubts about their future jobs, maybe they fear they might not find a good job and so not have their chance to succeed in America.

Indeed, integration, for these immigrants, is hard. They are facing a lot of difficulty and struggle. They hope a lot but they can be disappointed, when they arrive, because it’s hard. For example Martin Matoda was hopeful for the future since he got his MBA, he was confident he would find a good job with his degree. Yet, with the economic crisis, he didn’t find any job. He feels rather disillusioned and disappointed. He feels frustrated. For Nick Injows, it was also hard, he lost his job three times. But, for him, coming to the USA is a good opportunity, even if he had bad experiences. We studied another document, a picture, which showed student, Nelly Rodriguez, who is an immigrant. With a lot of other students, they have demonstrated for immigrants' rights. It’s hard, for them, because they are not sure to find a job, after their studies, and to stay in America. They might be deported, be sent back to their native countries. They fear for the future. There is still prejudice against immigrants and it’s hard for them to find a job. Their future is uncertain so they can’t make any plan.

In conclusion, we can say that it's not a harmless action to leave our lives and to flee in a another country. It's very difficult, psychologically, and, this can bring hardship. There are immigrants of different types. They can leave their lives, for a lot of reasons. There are a lot of immigrants in America because it’s one of the richest countries of the world. The USA has a policy of integrating immigrants. Even today, the immigrants undergo a lot of prejudice. They don’t have an easy life, while the State tries to adjust the problem. It has established laws so that these new Americans can have American citizenship.
An American policy says that “It is natural, effective and smart for an immigrant integration policy to be im

Modifié par lucile83 le 13-04-2016 15:31


Cours gratuits > Forum > Forum anglais: Questions sur l'anglais

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