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Oral/Mythes et héros

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Oral/Mythes et héros
Message de caco62 posté le 08-04-2016 à 09:46:52 (S | E | F)
Bonjour à tous,
je passe bientôt mes oraux d'nglais pour le Bac, pourriez-vous corriger mes fautes et me donner votre avis sur mon travail.
Je vous remercie

I am going to talk about the notion of myths and heroes.
First of all, I would like to give a quick definition of that notion. Briefly, a myth can be defined as a story about gods or heroes, it can be a popular belief or a tradition or a false notion. Then, a hero is a person admired for his achievements, noble qualities and great courage. Moreover, they can be fictional like Superman, Batman, or real.
It can have heroe like :
– a patriotic or national hero (sportsman, politician, human rights defender…..)
– a fictitious hero (superhero or film star)
– an icon or role model (fashion, tv, music)
– a defender of common values
– unknown heroes (war heroes, firemen, rescue workers, charity workers….)
– our own personal hero (member of the family who you look up to)
To speak about this notion, I've chosen to speak of the place of hero in society. In my argumentation, I'll try to answer the question : The myths and heroes can teach us a lesson?
For this i am going to develop two parts, the first one is « The historical heroe and myths », and the second is « The heroe fantastic and actual ».

I / The historical heroe.
There are some of historical heroe. Like Nelson Mandela who fights against the « apartheid » who is an system of segregation in South Africa. He was locked in prison for this in 1962. In 1994 he became president and a symbol of the fight against segregation. We can associate him with Martin Luther King and his « I have a dream speach ». We etudiate him in classes with an text.
He was an african american civil right activist, in his speech he called from an end of the racism in the united states.
Martin luther king and Rosa Parks are the bigger symbol of the end of racism in united states.
It can have an others hero like gandhi who fight for the independance of his country, he is called « bapu » significate Father.
This kind of heroe history changed the future of the world, without them we would certainly have no same life as at present.

II / The fantastic and actual heroe.
We can illustrate this document with Captain America and the document which we studied in class.
Captain America was at the begining an heroe of comics who represent the United states. He is strong, powerful, brave, he is an leader. We see in class the front cover of a comics, it was captain america who kick Hitler, the soldiers of Hitler shot him but they don’t hurt him because he is invincible. This kind of comics is a hool of propaganda.
The hero of comics CAptain America was created in 1941 during the world war two. He is create for denuncing comunism and nazism throught the comics.
It has an other kind of heroe, the actual heroe, like Steve Jobs, Obama,Zinedine Zidane, the musical group U2.
They are considered as such for their outstanding achievements or because they have performed a heroic act or simply our own personal hero, our role model, who we look up to.

In conclusion, society create myths and heroes to dream the best of the world, imagine perfection. And thereafter, it throws these fictional heroes in real life to have models and progress in the right direction. I think the heroes are a good way to set goals in life, to have an example to follow when we are lost. The desire of the unreal, dreams can also be a good point but be aware the difference between reality and fiction.

Modifié par lucile83 le 08-04-2016 10:49


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