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Message de chloecamiller posté le 20-03-2016 à 20:25:19 (S | E | F)
J'ai dû réaliser un carpool karaoke comme le TV show aux EU dans le cadre d'un cours d'anglais; j'aurais besoin d'une correction car je pense que ce n'est pas parfait.
Merci beaucoup d'avance.

Fort the Carpool Karaoke I choose Shawn Mendes. This young singer attracted a following in 2013, when he began posting song covers on the popular video sharing application Vine. I choose him for the new edition of the talk-show because he is one of the new popular artist, maybe because he looks like very similar to Justin Bieber? Anyway, I think Shaw Mendes is the promise of a great career.
James Corden opens the window of his car when he sees his guest of the day:
JAMES: Hey Shawn! What’s up men?
SHAWN: James! What are you doing here?
JAMES : Come on !
SHAWN: Ok I’m coming, but at the only condition that I drive!
JAMES: Oh no-no-no Shawn, you can’t do that, look at you, you are a child!
Shawn come down James of the driver side
JAMES: I don’t believe that I’m doing this!
Shawn hangs on his belt and say: “Ok James where are we going now? “
JAMES: “Maybe Toronto, I can return you to your parents * laugh *. I’m joking. It’s the city where you are born right? “
SHAWN: Yes, it’s true. You know James, maybe I’m only seventeen but I was a really good driver.
Shawn brake hardly
SHAWN: HAHA James look on your face! I thought you were strong!
JAMES: Ok Shawn, my vengeance is going to be terrible! * laugh * So, you are the new “Justin Bieber “right?
James put the song on and play the first single of his guest: Life of the party. They’re singing together.
JAMES: They say that American stations ignore it at the beginning, is it right?
SHAWN: Yes of course! I don’t understand why because this single was very successful. I don’t realize what’s happening in my life!
JAMES: You are considered like the new superstar who make crazy all the teenagers! What do you think about this?
SHAWN: When journalist compare me to Justin Bieber I feel fulfilled. I would like to have the same career pathways because he is one of my inspirations with the singer Ed Sheeran. However, I think we are different, we have our differences like musical universe. He is an example for my career. Who wouldn’t want to have the same career? * laugh *
Shawn receive a notification
JAMES look his Iphone: Who is it?
SHAWN: I can’t tell you *smile*
JAMES: OH YEAH I SEE! CAMILA COMBELLA SEND YOU A MESSAGE! Lucky Boy! She is gorgeous! I’m jealous.
SHAWN: And she has a pretty voice!
Shawn start singing the song “I know what you did last summer “and James put the song on. They’re singing together.
JAMES: How was Paris? I know that you make a concert tour for the promotion of your album! Congratulations!
SHAWN: Thank you! It was excellent, La tour Eiffel *English accent* was amazing and it was my first time in this country. French girls are beautiful *smile*
JAMES: You did not fall in love?
SHAWN: Oh no * laugh* my only love is my album!
JAMES: You know Shawn maybe you are a superstar but I have more followers than you in Twitter * laugh *
SHAWN: Let me see that! Oh, I couldn’t believe that!
SHAWN: 6,46 MILLIONS WOW I’m impressed! Nice picture! * SWAWN imitate James
JAMES: Very funny Shawn. Look, i’m a big fan of the social media Vine, I propose you to make it together.
JAMES came closer to Shawn to take a Vine. During the recording, James imitate his guest with funny faces.
SHAWN: High Five men!
When James move his hand closer of his guest, Shawn miss his hand on purpose. They laugh together.
JAMES: Thank you my friend!
They make a hug
Shawn go out of the car and walk on the street. James follow him on his car and meet a group of girls. He opens the window and say:
JAMES: “You know that Shawn Mendes is behind you? “
The group of teenager’s shout and run after Shawn.
James close the window satisfied of his joke.

Modifié par lucile83 le 20-03-2016 23:28


Cours gratuits > Forum > Forum anglais: Questions sur l'anglais

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