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Oral/Spaces and exchanges

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Oral/Spaces and exchanges
Message de manoncorneille posté le 25-05-2015 à 18:35:13 (S | E | F)
je suis en terminale L et je passe l'oral d'anglais LVA le 1 juin. Voici mon dossier sur la notion d'espaces et échanges. Pouvez-vous me dire s'il y a des fautes ?
Merci pour vos réponses.

This notion deals with the geographical and symbolic areas that all societies occupy and the interactions between men and different societies. A space can be defined as a place, an area, where you can evolve, it can be a place just around you like your house, your town etc.. it can be larger like the country or continent you live in. There exist many forms of exchanges from a space to another, it can be for tourism, when you go from a place to an other, in exchange you give money to the people who live ther and in return you get to discover a new culture, to meet new people, to discover new places. Today the form of exchange that we are going to talk about is immigration. Immigration can be due to many reasons, it can be by choice or imposed by your religion, when you can't have your own faith and beliefs in a country because of a political regime for instance or for political reasons, when a political regime doesn't let you live the life you want to, you have to move to another country.
The United States is a country of immigrants who travelled from far away to have a new and better life. Then, in the US, they settled the land from East to West, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. Immigrants received a lot from the New World but they also gave a lot, which made the United States a diverse and contrasted country.
So we are going to wonder what immigration brings to the immigrants and to the countries receiving them.
I am going to use three documents that deal with the notion of spaces and exhanges. Two texts and one picture. The documents I will use are mainly about the immigration in the United States.

Well, my first document will be an autobiographical text entitled « A boy's journey » by Seymour Rechtzeit. This is the story of a eight years old jewish boy who moved from Poland to America with his father in order to become a singer, World War I had just ended and [i quote] « it was a bad time in Europe » so he decided to go to Amercia because his family thought there would be more opportunities for him there. The conditions of travel were pretty bad and when he arrived to Ellis Island which used to be the main entrance for the immigrants arriving to the United States, he was not allowed to leave with his father because he was sick (they did not let anyone who was sick enter on the American land), but when he finally arrived in New York he quicly started earning money to bring the rest of his family in America by singing in concerts, schools and even for the president who helped him get his family in America in times where immigration was limited. This boy managed to achieve the American Dream and never returned living in Poland. He says [i quote] « many wonderful things happened to me in America ». He found what he was looking for in America which offered him the chance to become who he really was.

My second document is a letter wrote by Haibinh Nguyen to her parents. In that letter she thanks them for sacrificing their life in order to help her create hers. Indeed, her parents' dream was to see their children go to college to get an education, this is the reason why they emmigrated from Vietnam to America. She says that she suffered from being different, from not having the same childhood as the other american kids but she also says that now she is proud to be both American and Vietnamese. For a longtime she wondered where her home really was, she wondered where she belonged. But now she has grown up to become [I quote] « a proud and spirited grown woman ». In her letter she explains that she understood life in America was tough for her parents too, her father had a job he didn't enjoy and had to learn a new language, living among foreign people. Her mother ensured that she didn't forget where she came from by simple actions like cooking them Vietnamese food and making her listen to Vietnamese songs. This letter, just like the first document shows that immigration is good, coming to America permitted to that girl and her parents to realize their dream and to have access to more opportunities. But they also brought to America a little bit of their culture, enriching this diverse and contrasted country a bit more.

Modifié par lucile83 le 25-05-2015 18:40

Réponse: Oral/Spaces and exchanges de manoncorneille, postée le 25-05-2015 à 18:35:52 (S | E)
Et voici la suite :

Lastly, I would like to talk about the Mexican immigration in the USA. The third document I have chosen is a picture of a crossing sign showing the frantic silhouette of a family frozen in mid-fligh. This sign was originally designed to warn the motorists along the busy stretch of San Diego highway but since its first appearence , the image has morphed into a symbol of illegal immigration.  The job offers are limited in Mexico and the standards of living are much lower than in the USA. Contrary to Mexico which is struck by unemployment and poverty, the USA appears as a land of opportunities as far as the job market is concerned. That is the reason why many destitute Mexicans cross the border, whether legally or illegally. While they move to America hoping for better prospects, they are often offered menial and painful jobs and accept low wages. That is the paradox of the situation of the Mexican immigrants : they represent more than half of the immigrants in the USA and while some Americans aim at limiting their numbers, others view them as a cheap labour force. As a result, immigration is a highly controversial issue. In any case, this migration pattern is the basis all kinds of exchanges. As we have just said, it enables economic exchanges : while Mexicans are given the opportunity to improve their living conditions, the US economy benefits from their adaptability. Beside, as we have seen in the two first documents, immigration tends to create a mutlicultural society, in this case, America has seen the emergence of TV channels in Spanish or Spanglish, a language mixing English and Spanish whiich shows the infulence of Spanish over the English language.
So even if the Mexican immigration remains debated, it is indisputably a source of economic and cultural wealth for the USA.

These three documents show what immigration has brought to America and its immigrants. The boy and the girl from the two first documents managed to realize their dreams thanks to America, depicted as a welcoming country. the third document shows a slightly less magical facet of imigration, Mexicans are often disapointed by the life they get in America, however they are still offered jobs they couldn't have gotten in Mexico. But immigrants not only have received from America and its multiple opportunities, they aslo gave, they all brought a little bit of their culture, making of America what it is today, a mixture of different cultures, traditions and languages. The America we know today was built by the immigrants. It's a system of exchange. It is a place where you can arrive with nothing and become someone.

Réponse: Oral/Spaces and exchanges de laure95, postée le 26-05-2015 à 14:25:14 (S | E)
-continent: mettre THE.
- There exist: it exists.
- my first document will be: mettre au présent.
- a eight years old jewish boy: a eight-year-old Jewish boy.
- World War I had just eded: mettre au present perfect.
- to bring the rest of his family: pas le bon verbe.
- the president who helped him get: TO get.
- in times: pas de "s".
-never returned living in Poland: enlever living.
- a letter wrote: participe pass".
- to help her create hers: TO create.

Réponse: Oral/Spaces and exchanges de laure95, postée le 26-05-2015 à 14:32:11 (S | E)
- the basis: ajouter OF après.
- Beside: BESIDES.
- whiich shows the infulence: fautes de frappe.
-to realize their dreams: to make their dream come true or to fulfill their dream.
-disapointed: doubler le "p".
- immigrants not only have received from America: have not only.
- making of America: enlever OF.

Réponse: Oral/Spaces and exchanges de delf2312, postée le 27-05-2015 à 10:08:13 (S | E)

Si je peux me permettre, aussi important que la grammaire pour cette épreuve, voire plus important, est la prononciation !
Le professeur qui te fera passé n'aura pas le temps de noter toutes tes erreurs de grammaire, et toi de toute manière, tu n'auras pas le temps de tout rédiger car le temps de préparation est très court (10 min je crois ?).

Alors, ce qui peut vraiment faire la différence c'est la prononciation. Entraine toi à lire ta préparation plusieurs fois et si tu vois que tu butte sur des mots : vérifie la prononciation à l'aide d'un dictionnaire ou bien d'un site pas mal qui te permet de faire parler des avatars. (tu tape "best text to speech dans google).

Fais bien attention aux mots clés du type geographical, society, area, country (ne se prononce pas comme dans "kinder country")tourism, culture. Force toi à donner un rythme à tes phrases en accentuant bien les syllabes qui doivent être accentuées et en affaiblissant les autres.

Good luck !

Réponse: Oral/Spaces and exchanges de here4u, postée le 27-05-2015 à 12:35:53 (S | E)
Hello !

Vouloir tout rédiger (et surtout apprendre par coeur est impossible ...)
De jurys d'examens et concours depuis ... mon conseil : surtout ne pas essayer de réciter au delà de la première phrase qui peut être apprise pour soulager la panique du premier moment de contact. Alors, l'examinateur notera (bien sûr) la correction grammaticale et phonétique, mais prendra aussi toute liberté d'interrompre une 'jolie prépa' récitée par coeur ... pour tester les réactions spontanées à des questions qui s'imposeront ...
Un résumé aussi long ... ne donne pas envie de s'y coller pour la correction et donne, en live, envie d'interrompre pour en 'venir au vif du sujet : la communication !
Je suppose que votre professeur vous l'a déjà expliqué .... un plan détaillé, étudié à fond pour ne rien 'oublier' est bien plus important! pas de panique et courage ... En ayant travaillé vos documents toute l'année, c'est facile !


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