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Message de elise8elise posté le 18-05-2015 à 19:05:06 (S | E | F)

Voici ma deuxième notion pour l'oral ! Je passe mardi 26 il faut que je me dépêche de la corriger pour pouvoir l'apprendre ! Je compte donc sur vous pour me signaler mes fautes, et m'aider à les comprendre si possible !
Merci à ceux qui répondront, bonne lecture !

I will talk about the notion of seats and form of power. Power is the ability to influence peoples' behaviour. In order to live together, people have to accept laws. These rules create social cohesion but can also leads to tensions. That is the reasons why there is often counter power to challenge and resist the power in place. We will see more precisly the need for independence. If I had to define what independence is, I would say that it is the gain of political freedom from outside control that is to say the ability to live without being influenced, controled by an other country.

We may wonder why does a country want its independence ? First, we will see the reasons of this seek for independence, and then we will see diferents examples to illustrate the topic.

The desire of a country to be free can be the first argument. In fact, had one's independence is the way to be free is one's action. Moreover, if a country has its own independence, it may have better relation with all other countries in the entire world. These good relations can drag better exchanges and riches. Secondly, it may be country's need to have its own identity for the all world to reconize and discover its culture, language and history. Thanks to the independence, society can claim its picture.
Now that we have seen the causes of the seek to independence, we will see some examples with diferent country : Scotland first, and then, India.

Using a video, we studied the independence in Scotland: For centuries, Scotland has been fighting to stay free and independent against the powerfull England. William Wallace also known as Braveheart is one of the keycaracters of these wars of independence. The union act is signed in 1707 and is born the United Kingdom of Great Bretain with one only sovereign. An alliance which has been lasting for more than 300 years but for some, the desire still to give back its own identity and be able to lead alone. But, the opportunity to be independent has come to the Scotish on 18th September. In a video, Alex Salmond, the leader of the Yes campain, say that the time to break away from the UK has come, and that's not an opportunity to miss ! However, The scots haven't choosen to be separated from the UK.
By the way of an oral drill, we have seen the independence in India wich was " a long road to freedom" according to Gandhi. In India, the fight to get independence wasn't that easy, and it took a long time. Gandhi wanted to gain the independence throught truth and non violence but terrific conflicts occured between the diferent religious comunities. The Gandhi's dream changed into a nightmare and India turned its back to his leader. In fact, search its independence wasn't really easy for Indians.

All in all, the indenpendence can be seeking because of diferents reasons. All things considered, I think that a country must have the liberty to choose its independence. Effectively, this right sould be a natural right because we have to give freedom to all the country if they want it. It's our duty. That's how I will conclude.

Modifié par lucile83 le 18-05-2015 19:07
Encore un petit Bonjour oublié !!!

Réponse: Oral/Independence de laure95, postée le 19-05-2015 à 10:23:53 (S | E)
- can also leads to tensions: conjugaison.
- That is the reasons: à mettre au singulier.
- controled: doubler le 'l'.

- diferents examples: un adjectif ne prend jamais de 's.+ il faut 2 'f'.

-had one's independence: mettre le gérondif.
- is the way to be free is one's action: où est le sujet du 2è 'is'?
- and riches: ?
- to reconize: orthographe.
- its picture: ?
- diferent country : à mettre au pluriel.

- the powerfull: orthographe.
- The union act is signed in 1707: mettre BE au passé.
- and is born: même remarque.
-one only: inverser l'ordre des mots.
- the desire still to give back its own identity and be able to lead alone: pas de verbe conjugué.
- But, the opportunity to be independent has come to the Scotish on 18th September: pas de present perfect avec la date passée.
- In a video, Alex Salmond, the leader of the Yes campain, say: conjugaison.
-wich: orthographe
- In fact, search: mettre le gérondif.
- for Indians: ajouter THE.

- the indenpendence can be seeking: CAN BE + PARTICIPE PASSE.
- That's how I will conclude: this is my conclusion.

Réponse: Oral/Independence de elise8elise, postée le 20-05-2015 à 16:44:21 (S | E)

-can also lead to tensions
-That is the reason why

-In fact, having one's independence
-exchanges and wealths ?
-to recognize
-its values à la place de son image ?

-with different countries

-powerful England.
-act was signed in 1707 and was born the United Kingdom (...) with only one sovereign.
-the desire to give back its own identity and be able to lead alone is always present.
-But, the opportunity to be independent came to the Scotish on 18th September.
-the leader of the Yes campain, said

-In fact, searching

-the indenpendence can be sought

Merci pour votre aide ! Bonne soirée.


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