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Myths and heroes/aide

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Myths and heroes/aide
Message de bananasplit1907 posté le 17-04-2015 à 20:49:48 (S | E | F)
je viens je finir la notion "Myths and heroes" pour le Bac que je passe dans 3 jours...J'aimerais avoir des avis sur ce que j'ai écrit, la mise en forme et surtout connaître mes fautes. En ce qui concerne les questions, est-ce que je peux prévoir certaines questions ciblées sur la notion ou sur ce que j'ai dit ?
Merci d'avance ;)

I'm going to talk about the notion « myths and heroes », and give you a short definition. A myth is an old story or a popular belief, known by everyone. Myths originally aimed at explaining the origins of humanity or the foundation of a community. A hero is a brave person who achieves great deeds. He can be real or fictitious. It can be for instance the main character in a book or a film, a person with superhuman qualities, a modern-day hero or our own personal hero.
We will focus on the following question ; How the idea of myth and hero can be linked, and what ideals are embodied ?

First of all, on the one hand, we can assume that heroes can give birth to myths. To illustrate this idea, we can think of historical and national heroes ; the Pilgrims. We have studied an recording from BBC news in class, who described the story of these Pilgrims. Persecuted by the English government for treason and heresy, they fled first to Holland, then to the United States, in 1620, after crossing the Atlantic on board the Mayflower. They were gambling for a new life, and then founded Scrooby, the scradle of American democracy. They are heroes because they are courageous and keep fighting for their ideas : religious puritanism. Moreover, Plymouth colony have become part of Amercain folklore. This story is a founding myth for Americains. We can see this myth through Plymouth Rock, the traditional site of disembarkation of Pilgrims who founded Plymouth colony. This Rock has become an object of veneration in the United State, and bits of it is carefully preserved in several towns in the Union. The Plymouth Rock cartoon p.20 shows the admiration Americans give to this rock. This is a myth because it is a symbol of the foundation of their society.

On the other hand, a myth can be the cause of the birth of heroes. To illustrate this idea we can think of the myth of the American Dream, shown by the picture taken by Margaret Bourke-White just after the Louisville flood. Black peole are waiting for food and relief, in front of a billboard with the slogan « Wolrd's highest standart of living », written over the beeming faces of privileged middl-class american family. This slogan is ironic because their is a huge contrast between the ideals of the American way and reality. According to the Declaration of Independance, « All citizens are equal ». Nevertheless, we can see that it is not the case. However, this national ethos atracts a lot, and particularly Mexicans. We can see the impact of this immigration through the recording « The wall ». This latter is a border fence, about 5 meters high who covers one tird of the US's entire southern frontier with Mexico, in order to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the US and to stop drug traffickers. We can consider Mexicans as heroes because most of them risk their lives to cross the border, even if it's illegal.

To conclude, we can say that through those documents and the examples of the Pilgrims and the immigration, both myths and heroes are linked, and we saw what ideals are embodied.
Finally I personnaly think that the idea of heroe is really subjective, because Pilgrims slaughtered the Indians, and most of Mexicans end up as maintenance worker or housekeeper. According to me, these are not heroes.

Modifié par lucile83 le 17-04-2015 21:35


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