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Bac/Espaces et échanges

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Bac/Espaces et échanges
Message de hell posté le 18-02-2015 à 09:40:16 (S | E | F)
Bonjour! Je suis nouvelle sur le site! J'aurais besoin d'aide s'il vous plait !
Je suis scolarisée au CNED cette année et en plus j'ai 3 mois de retard sur le programme (prb de santé). Bref, je galère, et en ce moment je suis en train de préparer mes oraux pour le Bac... En plus je suis nulle à la base.. donc Google traduction est mon ami . Le problème c'est que je sais que ça peut donner n'importe quoi , donc j'aimerais avoir un avis d'une personne qui a un bon niveau .. Et aussi savoir si on voit assez le rapport avec la notion... Donc voilà déjà une notion en anglais (ma plus aboutie..) :

The notion deals with geographical and symbolic areas and with the interactions between them. The different spaces of the world are nowadays more connected to each other than ever. Since the beginning, our world knew a lot of changes thanks to all explorations and conquest of news lands. Frontier is the limit between two spaces, it could be a protection against others or, on the contrary, an opening place for exchanges. There are several types of exchanges: technologic, scientific, religious, cultural, commercial… To illustrate this topic, I’ll use several documents I’ve studied in class or with the CNED:
First of all, I’m gonna talk about the Statue of Liberty. I’ve studied this subject in class using a photo. Located in New York, the Statue of Liberty was a gift from France to the United-States to celebrate the friendship between the two countries at the centennial of the Declaration of American Independence. It evokes particularly the adventure of the immigrants and the idea of freedom that characterize America.
This statue which draws up itself in the entrance of the port of New York was the first image which the immigrants had of America when they accosted by boat. Torch was brandished; the lady of the freedom seemed to welcome them. It became fast the symbol of the hopes and the aspiration at the end of the poverty. Its universal character gave it a reputation worldwide. For this reason, numerous replicas of the monument, more or less large size, were built since its inauguration in 1886. That’s why it is also the symbol of migration, and cultural and artistic exchanges between nations. Each year, The Statue of Liberty attracts nearly 5 million tourists. Besides, it's obvious that today's world is still a world of exchanges with a discussed topic: globalization.

Indeed, before globalization there were many exchanges between countries, from a space to another. So, the second document I chose to illustrate this topic is a photo titled « A Tour of Ellis Island » took in 1905. We can see a woman with three children wearing few baggages. It’s probably an immigrant family that is just arriving in USA, at the port of Ellis Island, situated close to the Statue of Liberty. For many people, Ellis Island, like the Statue of Liberty, is a symbol of immigration. Migrants, as that family, left their home country in order to access to better living conditions in this country rich, free, where everything seems feasible, and whose population is composed mainly of people from the immigration. That’s why, in the United-States there's a real "melting-pot", we can find all sorts of people and origins: Asian, Hispanic, Mexican, Italian, Chinese... there are also cities like "China Town" or "The little Italy".. There's people of everywhere around the world, it's a real heterogeneous society. These population movements involve the exchange, the mixture of different cultures, languages, religions ... which constitute a real form of wealth in the United States. Today, the country is the first country of immigration.

The third and last document I chose is an extract of “A boy’s journey” written by Seymour Rechtzeit and published in 2002. It's an autobiography. Seymour Rechtzeit was one of those immigrants. He leaved in Poland and came to America to find more opportunities as soon as singer. He began a new life in the USA and became a child-star; he met the president Calvin Coolidge who helped him to bring his family to America; and some years later he met his wife. In summary, he lived the perfect American Dream! This story shows us amazing human exchanges because the inequalities between different areas of the world make a simple move can change everything. So, over the years, America continues to be a large space where exchanges and mobility are very present for the work, hobbies or tourism.

To conclude, population movements are the perfect example of exchanges between the spaces. This topic is very interesting to observe how change relation in our world.

Merci BEAUCOUP de votre sympathie!

Modifié par lucile83 le 18-02-2015 13:07


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