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Message de misterland posté le 20-10-2014 à 20:53:26 (S | E | F)
I need a little help to find my mistakes in these sentences, please =)!
Thank you to encourage me.

Re: Do you think that video CVs / resumes will eventually replace paper CVs / resumes in the future? Why or why not?
These last years, new technologies and the industry of communication demonstrated the advantages to learn to live with them. Indeed, all is better with them. In the Human Ressources process there are several reasons to accept a change about the way of apply for a job. World changed so you can't hire with the same way that yesterday any more. This is why, it's a good idea to begin to apply for a job with a video CV without attaching your paper CV.
The first reason is that Human Ressource need to save their time and as a consequence video CV allow to Human Ressources Staff to be more efficient: Listening 3 minutes is faster than reading 8 minutes or more a CV and a cover letter.
The second reason, as that I said before, we can selected our employes with the same way that yesterday. The team spirit and the ethic behavior are the both things which are very important in a company howadays. A video CV and resume solve a part of this complexe problem with the speech of the candidate.
Finally, the third reason, which demonstrates that video CV is good, is the willing to keep only the strong profil. In others words, only the most motivated candidates will build a very smart and elegant video CV. And when we know the number of candidate for the number of position we can be sure that way of selection would be very efficient.

What do you think are some of the advantages and disadvantages of having a video CV / resume?
With new technologies and the speed of commuication which is always higer we can guess that the video CV and video resume will be the future way of apply for a job in any companies. Indeed, this kind of support is very easy to treat and as a consequence very efficient for the Human Ressources Staff. But we can expect about the advantages and disavantages of having a video CV or resume video.
First of all, we can speak about the advantages like the gain of time for the Human ressources. Then, there is another advantage which is the format of this kind of CV. Indeed, with this CV HR will be able to identify quickly how is the candidate. Have he got a team spirit or not ? Have he got a strong personal ethic or not, etc. And we know that’s very important for companies nowadays and the speech and behavior of the candidates in the video CV will be a very good way to know that.
Moreover, we can point out the differents disavantages of having a video CV. We can avoid discrimination and « sectarism » with this way of apply for a job. It’s not difficul to guess that can be a obstacle for different kind of candidat in specific position.
Finally, the best way to hire a candidate is to use the « criteria » of the company. For each company, their own criteria to find the good employees.

In your opinion, is asking for a photo to apply for a job a fair practice? How do you feel about the French employers who ask for photos?
In my mind, it is obvious that an obligation to apply for a job with a photo isn’t fair. Indeed, the nature is very discriminate. Some people are more beautiful than the other and the some people come from different part of this earth. As a consequence, it’s also abvious that some people will be hire easier than other for their aspect or origins.
In France, a photo on your CV is a norm and you can avoid this obligation. So for the different this I said before it’s not very good idea to oblige the candidate to post/ to attach a photo on thier CV. Whereas in USA, photos on CV is forbiden/ isn’t alowed, this way of recruting is faire. Save the America !

Modifié par lucile83 le 20-10-2014 21:08

Réponse: Expression/Aide de misterland, postée le 02-11-2014 à 22:13:50 (S | E)
UP !!


Cours gratuits > Forum > Forum anglais: Questions sur l'anglais

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