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Work placement /Presentation

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Work placement /Presentation
Message de zephisky posté le 16-10-2014 à 12:29:53 (S | E | F)
Hello everybody ! Please, excuse my mistakes ahead.
In two weeks, I'm presenting my future work placement to my coworkers and my English teacher. I wrote the things that I will tell them. It is not the definitive version but its essence is there. I'll post it in several parts because it's too long.
I wish a correction of this script, but also your opinion about the clarity of my text, because my teacher has to understand what I want to say whithout a formation in biology.
Thanks in advance for your help. Good luck for the correction.

"Where you are going to do your work placement
My workplacement will take place in the laboratory named ‘’Mouvement, Sport, Santé’’, in English ‘’Movement, Sport and Health’’, also called ‘’M2S’’. This lab is located on the campus of Ker Lann, in Bruz, a town in the south of Rennes. It’s a part of the school named ‘’ENS’’, the normal university of the sciences of sport.
The researchers are studying physic activity as a whole : mechanisms and effects. Beyond physic performance, the objective is the improvement of the benefits/risks ratio of physic practice.

When you are going to do it / how long it will last
My workplacement will start the fifth of january 2015 and i twill last for six months, until the end of june. However, I have to meet my supervisor several times before this date because I asked me some preliminary tasks, like a review of the literature and starting the writing of the introduction of my report.

Who you are going to work with
I don’t know my coworkers yet, but I already met my supervisor. He’s called Frédéric Derbré and he is a young assistant professor. His area of research is the physic inactivity. More precisely, he studies the aging process and physic inactivity effects on some cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in muscular atrophy, namely the lost of weight and volume of muscles.
I also heard that I will work with an engineer and I will supervise two students in Master’s degree. They will help me in realizing some biochemical analysis like detect a particular protein in a sample of muscle or adipose tissue.

What you are going to work on
My thematic is, literally, ‘’the role of ceramide in the insulin resistance associated with physic inactivity’’. In other words, we will study the involvement of a type of lipid, named ceramide, in the development of mechanisms closed to those of diabete.
For your understanding, here are the definition of the keywords of my thematic.
Firstly, ceramide is a product of degradation of ingested fat. Namely, fatty acids, those of oils and butter, are polymerised, forming a lipid more complicated. Literature says that this type of lipid accumulates in adipose tissues and in muscles when people stay inactive during a more or less long time.
Then, insulin resistance is the condition where a normal or elevated insulin level produces an attenuated biological response. In other words, instead of decrease after a good meal, sugar level in the blood stays high, endangering the whole organism.
The third keyword, physical inactivity, also has its precise definition in the scientific vocabulary. In fact, it is an activity level insufficient to achieve a significant health benefit, or the lack of any bodily movement produced by muscles and which results in energy expenditure. Like I said : very precise.

In this project, there are two facets : the first one is the fondamental comparison of several parameters between active mice and inactive mice, like glucose levels of the blood or protein contents of muscles. The second one is into the possible prevention of the development of insulin resistance by a dietary supplement furnished by an industrial named Effinov, but it will be a minor part of my work.

My work will be to study the difference of proteins and lipids contents in muscle and adipose tissues of inactive and active mice, in particular ceramide content and proteins involved in the stream of reactions induced by insulin.

Objectives of these experiments :
- Study the accumulation of ceramide in muscles and adipose tissue before a weight gain
- Compare the insulin sensitivity of mice under different conditions
- Note the inflammatory status of adipose and muscle tissues
- Explore the oxidative stress if the cells = the nocive impact of the reactive oxygen derivated species on the biggest molecules like proteins or on lipids.''

Modifié par lucile83 le 16-10-2014 23:26


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