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Child labour/aide

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Child labour/aide
Message de louiis92 posté le 03-05-2014 à 14:26:22 (S | E | F)
Bonjours à tous,
je suis au lycée et je fais anglais européen. On nous a demandé de choisir un sujet dont on devait parler dans le monde; j'ai choisi Child Labour. J'aimerais s'il vous plaît que vous m'indiquiez mes fautes.
Pouvez-vous m'aider ? Merci bcp beaucoup.

R is a girl. She lives with a lovely family. She learns in school and she can grow up in good conditions. But, it was a time where, her life was a hell.
In 1992, in Brazil, to paragaway, RR was born in a family of 7 childrens with a mother of 40 years old was widow. Her, and her family lived in awful conditions. Her mother, forced her children to work like tito who cleaned windscreens. So, at this time, the life of this girl don't look like the normal life of a girl european or american. Indeed, every morning she has, to left her house for go to work. she would cross the Puente de la Amistad (Friendship Bridge), arriving in the border city of Foz de Iguazu, Brazil on the pretext of buying candies to sell later. Here,Her work consisted to prostitute. her mother established " a goal" ( a sum of money that she must have at the end of the day). If she didn't worked enough, her mother hit her.
On november, 30 , 2002, RR she was found by a merchant from Ciudad del Este. She was very dirty and sad.When she was found, she had about 12 USD (80.000 Gs, Guaraníes) in her pockets, obtained of her “sexual activity”. She didn't want go back in her house because she didn't fulfilled her goal established by her mother. Petrona perez was a women of the Local Committee of the Prevention and Elimination of the Commercial Sexual Exploitation programme. She interrogated, rr about her work, her family.. Rr related her story and the awful conditions of her life.
On 2 December 2002, Petrona register a complaint to the Children and Adolescents Courthouse and RR was entrust to a provisional guardian. In the courthouse, RR explained that her mother forced her to prostitute. After, her mother was detained by the police and incarcerated in prison of her city.
Finally Today R.R. goes to school, receives psychological attention and health care, and takes part in personal development workshops. She lives in security and with the assistance from the Center.

In the world, today, about 250 million children work, whose, 150 million in dangerous conditions. Every year, one million children would victim of mistreatment. Like RR, a lot of children are victim of child labour and live in awful conditions. We can quote Braulio a boy of 14 years old who has to work in a mine of Perou or, Kader who has to work in cotton picking. Often, the day of work, of this children are very long and unbearable. Their conditions are very difficult and they have not much of rights. For exemple they can't study in shool .
That has not been the case in the past. For exemple in England, at the 19 century In the workhouses, The orphans has to worked for the government, in the service of the English Royalty. There was childrens who worked in factories, or others who worked in differents pleaces.
Since, a lot of associasions work everyday for stop childlabour like ONG, UNICEF...
Child labour is unacceptable. Every children in the world must be equal and have access to the education.
The role of a children is grow up with values, a education and , and knowledges for, then, have a correct job and live in good condition. A child must be happy and be in full bloom with his family and in his life. He must is entertain and enjoy of his chilhood. Steal the childhood to a child is unpardonable. Forced a child to work in terrible conditions (to prostitute, to steal, to work in factory) It's tragic and senseless!! fortunately,everyday, a lot of people, of organizations/ associasions, and of politicians, fight the childlabour. They help children to make a fresh start, found a lovely family. They build schools, reception centres. They believe, they love and they are united. They bring hope to this children, sometimes, forgotten.

Modifié par lucile83 le 03-05-2014 17:29


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