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Oral/ Idea of progress

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Oral/ Idea of progress
Message de mrtotom posté le 21-04-2014 à 18:20:13 (S | E | F)
I'm here to request anyone who wants to help me for oral expression on the notion "Idea of progress". Here is my article on it but I want would like to have an exterior opinion because like you see I'm not a bilingual man. It's not necessary to correct it, I wish in the first case an opinion,if it is too long, too boring or just too frightful..
Thank you for your help.

The notion I have just drawn lots for and which I'm going to talk about is the idea of progress.
Progress is the process of gradually getting better. Progress is a never-ending process towards complete achievements. Progress can mean changes, improvements, developments in society to improve conditions or to alleviate pain. There are some types of progress like scientific, medical, technological or social. It concerned a group of people, our own person or everyone.

Progress is supposed to be profitable, but it can also be dangerous because it creates inequalties for instance (par exemple) as far as new technologies are concerned the gap between those who have access to the latest advances and those who don't is widening.

So, progress can be praised, can be questioned.

Progress implies some evolution from an old order with old traditions to a new order which is not necessarily embraced by all. Why? Because it shakes up deep-rooted and highly respected conventions and believes. Hence, heated debates over crucial issues between those who approve of these changes and those who don't, who criticize them, condemn them and resist them in the name of traditions.

Some people are now concerned about the cult of novelty and progress is being questioned. Indeed, a growing number of people voice their concern about the ethical, environmental and social consequences of such progress and about the excesses of the consumer society. Should we fear progress?

On the one hand, the idea of progress consists in beliving that the world can get better in terms of sciences, medecine, technologies but also liberty, quality of life. For example, in an article of the Time in 2011, « My body, my laboratory » wrote by a wheeled doctor named Kevin Warwick, a professor of cybernetics, explained how he managed to connect his wheelchair to his brain in order to control it. This wonderful invention shoved the quality of life for a person suffering from paraplegia or tetraplegia. Moreover, the rhythm of progress seems to have accelerated over the last decades with an even faster increase of mayor technological and scientific breakthroughs. Therefore, progress can be a synonymous of hope

On the other hand, when we define the "idea of progress" we usually say that progress is positive. But how does this technological progress change our lives, is it really a positive change or are we becoming too dependant on new technologies ?
One of the latest inventions is Google Glass, a pair of glasses which do much more than the average smartphone or computer. You can do everything you can, like before moreover without the using of your hands. Initially, it's an awesome project but this kind of technological progress is positive or will it lead to people becoming more isolated, more dependant and more stressed? Is it an invasion of privacy ?

As a conclusion, we can see the idea of progress puts lots of polemics, we mustn't say that it's a question of the pros and the cons, it's a question of it application in our life is necessary or not. Human is made to discover, to envolve his environment or his own person. We just have to put some limits to avoid inequalities, or invasion of liberty and privacy.

Modifié par lucile83 le 21-04-2014 18:28

Réponse: Oral/ Idea of progress de jeffmann, postée le 21-04-2014 à 18:56:22 (S | E)

if you just need an opinion I'd say your aticle is neither, boring, frightful, nor too long.

Réponse: Oral/ Idea of progress de erfolg, postée le 21-04-2014 à 19:18:46 (S | E)
I found your reflexion more interesting. I think it's no too long for an so current subject. It can be long for someone who have no interest for the subject. Like you say, it's an subject pros and cons. We have just to find the right balance. Concerning this point, you say something really true: "We just have to put some limits to avoid inequalities, or invasion of liberty and privacy."
bye bye...

Réponse: Oral/ Idea of progress de mrtotom, postée le 22-04-2014 à 15:49:43 (S | E)
Thanks to you all , I am greatfull grateful!

Modifié par lucile83 le 22-04-2014 16:51

Réponse: Oral/ Idea of progress de here4u, postée le 22-04-2014 à 21:47:58 (S | E)
Bonsoir mrtotom !

Je ne peux que rajouter une chose à tout ce qui a été dit ... L'essentiel est de 'parler' cette prestation (il est bien sûr, possible d'apprendre les premières phrases par coeur, mais pas de les réciter rapidement ..., mais surtout pas l'ensemble ...)(savez-vous combien de temps dure votre travail à l'oral - sans le lire- ?
Regardez votre examinateur(ou un point derrière lui/elle ...), et pas votre papier brouillon (sur lequel vous n'aurez rédigé quel'introduction et la conclusion et mis le plan détaillé de ce que vous avez préparé - les mots clés- ...). Si vous avez des hésitations, c'est normal ... N'ayez pas peur des blancs ... Un blanc peut être 'fécond' (s'il ne dure pas trop longtemps ...) pour appuyer une idée importante.
Avant tout, l'examinateur veut savoir que vous avez travaillé vos textes et que votre synthèse est personnelle. Il peut être amené à poser des questions ... Attention aussi au 'body language' !
Mais vous devez déjà savoir tout ça ...
May the force be with you !

Réponse: Oral/ Idea of progress de mrtotom, postée le 23-04-2014 à 15:07:07 (S | E)
Thanks for the tips here4u


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