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My trip to England/aide

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My trip to England/aide
Message de jadee55 posté le 06-04-2014 à 12:47:22 (S | E | F)
Bonjour à tous,
pourriez-vous m'aider à corriger ce texte qui parle de mon voyage en Angletterre ?
Je vous remercie beaucoup d'avance de votre aide

The first day...
Tuesday, february, 25, I went to England ! I went to the bus and me said " Goodbye" to our parents. Everyone was Excited ! The trip to England began. First we took the bus from Paris to Calais. Then, We took the Shuttle during 30 minutes. After, we went to the bus to go to leeds castle.
Chapter 1: Leeds Castle. Leeds Castle is a beauiful castle. I saw the large parks with a lot of animals : There was ducks, peacocks, swans and pigeons. Then, We went into the castle. We visited each piece like the dinig room, the office of the queen.... I was marveled by the architecture and the decoration. After, we went eat in the parks : crips, sandwich, chocolate.... Finally we leaved the castle for go to Brighton.

Chapter 2 : Brighton; It's was the second time that I saw Brighton and I was always Fell in love of this city. We did shopping but I don't buy.... Finally, we went to the bus to go to Lewes....

Chapter 3 : My family When we arrived in Lewes I was stress because I wanted a good family. I was with ANNA and MARIE. My family was composed by: EMMA: 15 years old. EMMA has got one brother who was 14 years old and one sister who was 8 years old. His fatherwas headmaster of a school and her mother was a housewife . They lived in the beautiful house. Our room was very big : There was a fire place with big windows. Each, we has got one bed... We talked with they . They was very nice !! Each evening, with girls, we talked, we laughed and we smoothed hair

Chapter 4 : the food... The first evening : chips, pizza, salad, chololate The second evening : tagliatelle with a sauce. Then, a fruit The last evening : Pasta with vegetables and fish. Then, a fruit. The middle, we has crips, sandwich, chocolate and fruit.
Chapter 5 : London The second day we went to London. Everyone was happy because London is a famous and a beautiful city of England. Fist we walked in the business district. There was a lot of towers. It's was impressive and incredible. After we went to a museum and we ate in this museum. The museum talk about the history natural of london but I was very tired and I didn't like this museum. So after, we saw the famous monuments of London: London of eyes, big ben, Abbaye of Westminster, Westminster, tower bridge, tower of London... We walked in the street. It's was very beautiful. I took a lot of pictures!!! Then , we went to shops for buy many souvenirs. !!!!!
Chapter 6 : Rye college. For the second time we went to rye college. I liked this. The high school was renovated and was very modern. We ate cakes and after, we met students. They was very nice. We did a game with ball and it's was very funny. After, we formed groups and we was distribrued to classroom. We assisted to history and Englishh class. It's was very interesting of see the English system education ! After we ate in the cafeteria and we went to the playground. Many english boy came ask our phone number ! It's was so funny ! But after we went to leaved in Rye for visited a church ! I liked this because the architecture was very beautiful. But we must leaved in the bus ! I realised, I forget my phone in school, I must run in the street for recovered my phone. Finally we did shopping to texto. With Claire, we discovered a shop called " Poudland ". Each produce in this shop cost one Livre. This day in rye was very unforgettable.

Chapter 7 : The last day

The last day every one was unhappy and sad because, we leaved England for return in France.
The morning, we visited a city called newhaven and we did shopping. We had a challenge : It's was talk with a English people during 3 minutes. After we went to Brighton. We ate our sandwich and after we did " Rally photo". It's a challenge. We must took a photo of 15 monuments of Brighton. And after we did shopping. This day was very short and we went to the bus ! We leaved Brighton and England for return in France. It's was so sad !

Modifié par lucile83 le 06-04-2014 13:26


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