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Devoir/ scène d'action

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Devoir/ scène d'action
Message de toot0 posté le 26-03-2014 à 13:16:50 (S | E | F)
Hello !

J'ai un devoir d'anglais à rédiger, ayant pour thème une scène de film de super-héros où il y a un combat, et je dois, dans un premier temps, écrire une courte introduction pour planter le décor, et, dans un second temps, faire un tableau avec une colonne " action" ( où je raconte ce qu'il se passe), et une colonne " cinematography" ( où je parle des effets spéciaux, des plans utilisés, etc...)
J'ai commencé à rédiger mon devoir, pouvez-vous m'aider s'il vous plaît, car je pense avoir fait pas mal de fautes...
Merci beaucoup pour votre aide !
EDIT : puisque il y a un problème de mise en forme avec ce post lorsque j'essaie de mettre un tableau, je vais juste faire une liste à la place...

INTRODUCTION : Swagman is a tall, blond-haired, blue-eyed, and muscular superhero. He has many superpowers: he can fly, and see through walls like Superman, and he is also superstrong and superquick. He is the fastest, strongest, funniest, bravest, and the most handsome man of all. He is simply gorgeous and exceptional. As all the superhero, he has a weak point: he does not know who his parents are; he has never seen his father and his mother died when he was 2. Other than that, everything is for the best in the best of all possible worlds for him and he is fully aware of this …
But he isn’t really serious, sometimes he makes some blunders, and that’s what happened few days ago, in San Francisco:

ACTION : While flying through the air, far into the night, Swagman collides with an unknown person who was flying a little slower than him.

CINEMATOGRAPHY : - The scene starts with a high-angle to show Swagman when he is flying, so we can first see him from below.
- The camera is facing Swagman so we can see the collision before him.
- The images are accelerated before the collision, so that the viewer thinks that the collision is inevitable.
- The camera shakes, so that we can feel what the two characters feel.
- The background is used as yet as another element that increases the potential danger of the collision.
ACTION : - The incident could have left it at that but, the man – who is actually a villain- totally lose control, the things gathers pace, he immediately grabs Swagman by the scruff of the neck in order to punch him.

CINEMATROGRAPHY:- There is a close-up on the villain’s face, to stress his incredible fury.
- The images are accelerated again to follow the speed execution of the action.

ACTION: - The villain is going to hit Swagman, but fortunately this one guards and blocks the blow just in time, and he directly counter-attacks with a violent kick on the villain’s solar plexus to cut his respiration, and this one falls roughly onto the sidewalk.

CINEMATOGRAPHY: - A first- person view is used to make the viewer feel the violence of the action as if he were there.
- A traveling is used to follow the villain’s fall.
- There is no background noise at all, as the director has chosen to let us only hear the sound of the villain’s body crashing on the floor to stress the violence of his fall.

ACTION:- The villain, hurt, is lying on the floor, he seems to be unconscious when Swagman approaches in naïvely in order to help him (as we usually say, a leopard cannot change its spots, and Swagman is completely altruistic and devoted to the others!)
But, whereas he is leaning over him to make sure he breathes, suddenly, the villain stands up and gives him dozens of kicks and punches, and all this at lightning speed.
The poor Swagman ends up on the floor without having understood what is happening to him.

CINEMATOGRAPHY : - There is a medium shot, so that we can see the scene on its entirety.
- There is 2 notes of music just before the twist so that the viewer expects what will happens
- The camera turns around them , and there is a slow motion, so that we can see all the movements in details; which would not be permitted under normal speed.

Modifié par lucile83 le 26-03-2014 18:32


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