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Définition anglaise/aide

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Définition anglaise/aide
Message de popikoju posté le 27-04-2013 à 15:14:10 (S | E | F)

dans le cadre d'un travail sur un livre en anglais je dois définir, sans les traduire littéralement, 10 mots,expressions ou verbes que je n'ai pas compris dans ce livre.Je dois également les resituer dans le contexte de l'histoire à chaque fois. Voici ci-dessous mon travail, pouvez-vous jeter un petit coup d’œil et me corriger ?
Merci d'avance !

To glance (preterit: glanced, pp: glance): look briefly. Miss Bartlett had looked Mr. Emerson like this and she guessed that weren’t of the same social background.

Under their spell: fascinated or influenced by someone. It was during the visit of Santa Croce, when Lucy was alone and met the Emersons. She thought she didn’t were with this two men but she felt comfortable with them even if she mustn’t be with them.

Praise: expression of approval, admiration. Lucy and Charlotte were full of praise for the sermon of Mr. Beebe.

To beg (preterit: begged, pp: beg): ask in a serious or humble manner. In the context, Mr. Emerson asked for leave the driver and his girlfriend alone during the walk in carriage in Fiesole.

To frighten (preterit: frightened, pp: fright): to fill with fear. It was the feeling which father’s Lucy had when people from London came to live in Windy Corner.

Delightful: very pleasing, beautiful, charming. In the book, it is the adjective which use for qualify the Cissie Villa when Mr.Emerson related his meeting in National Gallery with Cecil.

Fate: power that predetermines events, destiny. George used this word about all things had happened. His meeting with Lucy in Italy, with Cecil at the National Gallery, the Cissie Villa. For him, all these were because of the fate.

Maids: a woman servant. Lucy spoke about these women when her mother wanted invited Mrs. Bartlett at Windy Corner. Lucy was scared about this coming because Mrs. Bartlett knew the story between George and Lucy and it could be dangerous for her relationship with Cecil. So, Lucy tried to justify her choice by the fact of the presence of Cecil, a friend of Freddy and Minnie Beebe at home. It was unfair for the maids to have many guests.

Cad: boor, bounder. A bad man, uncultured person or who lacks in education, refinement and social graces. In the book, during a conversation between Charlotte and Lucy, Charlotte thought Georges was a cad. But Lucy replied there were two kinds of cad and exposed her opinion to Charlotte.

Worthwhile: sufficiently important to be worth one’s time, effort or interest. It was the way of life of George. He thought nothing was worthwhile.

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Cours gratuits > Forum > Forum anglais: Questions sur l'anglais

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