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Vidéo / script (1)

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Vidéo / script
Message de anthony78 posté le 08-02-2013 à 11:01:24
Bonjour à tous,
pour un travail en anglais, je dois présenter une vidéo de mon choix.
J'ai choisi une vidéo sur le prix de l'essence aux Etats-Unis.
Lien internet

Voici le script que je pense avoir compris. Pouvez-vous m'aider à corriger s'il vous plaît?
Merci pour vos réponses.

Gasoline prices in California are added all-time high the average price of a gallon of unleaded regular surged to four dollars and sixty one cents this morning that's the highest in the nation. Refinery and transmission problems are fueling the soaring prices.
In some places the price is closing in on six dollars. As Ben Tracy reports the high prices are forcing some stations to close.
California is in the middle of all black gold rush. It rest of filled the taint (He raised the field the tank) before the price at the pump jumps.
- “This is scary situation don't know what to do”
-“there is no choice that they would never
We've wholesale fuel costs’ skyrocketing (again and again in the station of Calabasas) eight gamuts of cap cities station in Calabasas nearly hit six dollars Friday. They posted note explaining it's not their fault and they're right.

The problem is California’s gasoline refineries, there are just fourteen of them and two have been shot down: one caught on fire in august and a power outage closed another this week. It's a crippling blow. Almost all of California’s oil is refined in-state because of environmental regulations and special fuel blends.
Tom Robinson owns thirty four gas stations in California insisted short supply has driven up the cost.
“We are not making more money in day (there) because what has happened to us is the price that we pay for gasoline has gone up more than the price that we’ve charged the consumers”

That's way station owner same recording a shedding his pumps down.
He would cost him twenty thousand dollars more to fill them up they needed just a week ago.
He blames the oil companies
“I understand that everybody wants to make money but don't try to be greedy as simple as that”
Recording Intel says he'll keep his pomp soft here until the price of fuel drops hopefully within the next week or two.
For CBS this morning Saturday then Tracey works out.

a little bit of asticker shock for drivers out here today to take a look here at the at the station in appointment liked allen about letting that's right up to four fifty five that while the fuel sent short of the record we broke today an all-time average higher four sixty one a gallon in California and drivers as you can see us still flocking to the pumps here to save those extra few cents a gallon but it's literally for people filling up this weekend. he'll prices jumped another twelve cents from yesterday a reduce supply spiked prices prompting gas stations to either shutdown because they didn't want to pay the wholesale price or pass along the increase to their customers.
in calabasas a gallon of gas at one station almost reached six dollars. Our experts say refinery problems across the state including a power outage at the exxon mobil planning torrents cut back production of summer great fuel leading to soaring gas prices and drivers we spoke with weren't happy about absorbing the extra costs.

vader the shotgun isn't gonna hurt a lot of people and what we need to do it just may be stopped writing for a couple of eighteen filled the death of a that you know many drop .
just kidding there has not been a lot of them and we will do my best about that that that there was blood mcdonnell douglas dot m

An experts says the good news is gas prices are expected to drop next week but the bad news though most likely climbed for the next few days before coming down. reporting live from the plan on getting one for n_b_c_ for news.

For the record rising gas prices, more people are opting to drive less and some not at all and n.b.c stead changed takes a look at how this all may be impacting auto sales. their the rock stars of the car world now approaching superstar status hybrid flying off the lot it would restore your ticket out Hambrecht in particular the world's most popular hybrid the prettiest has been a hot seller as gas prices continue to skyrocket. When you talk about the rise of twenty cents per gallon just this week it's a wake-up call for everyone to say what am I doing putting all my money into a car that is until efficient that is a pain. more pain for now a big issue visa get little gas mileage were interesting to customers are new all electric cars like the new rap for t_v_ pricey at fifty grand beginning one hundred miles to a charge an l_a_ times at alice's showed cars that had the lowest fuel costs included the Nissan leaf as well as the frias. the raisa gas prices at the pump has dramatically increased the sales i would say at least driven by eighty percent just in the month of September.

Pour la fin je ne comprends pas ce qui est dit. Pouvez-vous me dire si c'est à peu près correct.
Merci encore.

Modifié par lucile83 le 08-02-2013 14:34

Modifié par lucile83 le 08-02-2013 21:39

Réponse: Vidéo / script de notrepere, postée le 08-02-2013 à 17:45:16

Voici le script que je pense avoir compris. Etes-vous sûr ??

La plupart des vos phrases provient des "sous-titres automatiques" (CC) Confirmé par moi-mêmes. Very clever idea, though.

Réponse: Vidéo / script de anthony78, postée le 08-02-2013 à 21:23:25
Oui en effet, les phrases viennent des sous-titres mais qui ne sont pas exactements justes. Je voulais donc avoir confirmation entre la vidéo et les phrases "corrigées" par moi-même.

Réponse: Vidéo / script de lucile83, postée le 08-02-2013 à 21:38:20

Votre demande: Pouvez-vous me dire si c'est à peu près correct.
Ma réponse est oui, c'est en gros correct.
Sinon,vous êtes sur un site d'apprentissage, vous devez fournir un travail personnel, pas une copie de texte que vous arrangez ensuite à votre sauce.
Nous ne corrigeons pas ce genre de travail,désolée.

Ce sujet est fermé, vous ne pouvez pas poster de réponse.

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