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Correction/Third world

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Correction/Third world
Message de yaonee posté le 10-04-2012 à 14:23:49 (S | E | F)

je suis étudiant, j'aimerais savoir si les phrases que j'ai écrit sont correctes s'il vous plaît.

Now, we are going to speak about the Third World & its evolution.
First, the 3rd World was an attempt of military policy. From 1945, there had a wish of countries freshly independent to exist without the authority of USA & USSR.
At the Bandung Conference in 1955. The Third World is slowly growing awareness of himself. First in Southeast Asia is where the first country to gain independence (India, Pakistan, Ceylon-Sri Lanka-,-Burma-Myanmar, Indonesia). The Indochina war in this region maintained a world anti-imperialist solidarity. At the Bandung Conference convened by the five Asian countries involving 29 African and Asian states. The movement was dominated by Nehru (President of India), Nasser (President of Egypt), Halie Selassie (President of Ethiopia), and Sukarno (President of Indonesia). Tito was also there as an observer. The conference condemned colonialism, but also the political blocs. No international organizations were established in Bandung.
The Conference of Belgrade in 1961 was the 1st really Conference of Non-Aligned countries. The signatories of the conference stated to work for peaceful coexistence, supporting national liberation movements like the Algerian FLN, not belong to any alliance and reject any foreign military base on their territory. But soon, the Non-Aligned Movement took an ambiguous character. Indeed, the non-aligned movement was no longer just a group of former colonies (presence of Yugoslavia), and especially some member countries are quite Communists (Yugoslavia, Cuba, Vietnam). Its neutralist character became at least suspect.
The entry of countries like Cuba or North Vietnam jeopardized increasingly the initial draft of neutralism. Cuba, in effect, promotes the natural alliance with the socialist camp. North Vietnam at that time was at war against the UAE, while Cuba is clearly aligned with the USSR. The Non-Aligned Conference, after those of Cairo in 1964 and Algiers in 1973, held in Havana in 1979, and Fidel Castro became even President! So this neutralism a little ... too pro-Soviet became very suspect.
The OAU was founded in 1963 in order to accelerate decolonization and to prepare an African economic union. From the start, she is torn between a reformist and a more revolutionary. So she condemned the racist regimes of South Africa and Rhodesia, but remained inoperative in some conflicts such as Congo and Chad. It imposed itself as a political force. It was the mediator in the conflict between Morocco & Algeria concerning the Western Sahara & driven by the Arab countries, it supported the Palestinian cause.

The concept of Third World gradually collapsed because they depend on the developed countries. With the economic crises in 1970’s, they were unable to fund themselves, each country from the Third World had to take on with USSR or USA. Moreover, this concept of “Third Force” was particularly illusionist, it had no worldwide weight. Moreover, there were 2 types of Countries Oil countries & New Industrialized countries opposed to Intermediate Countries & the Least Developed Countries. Several problems exists in these countries like malnutrition or malaria.

Pourriez-vous me dire si la partie ne présente aucune faute.
Merci beaucoup

Modifié par lucile83 le 11-04-2012 19:15


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