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Vérification/The Fun they had

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Vérification/The Fun they had
Message de sevda posté le 26-02-2012 à 05:03:32 (S | E | F)

Pouvez-vous me signaler les fautes s'il vous plaît?
Merci pour votre aide.

The document is a story related to fiction entitled “ The fun they had”. It was published in 1957. The story is written by Isaac ASIMOV. It talks about a girl who is eleven years old , in 2157. Her name is Margie . She has a friend Tommy, who is thirteen, has found an old book with pages .

Firstly, between the lines 1-17 .Tommy explained to Margie how was the old book that he had found in her house. An old book with pages unlike the computer screens Tommy told Margie that in the old days it was very different.Line 8 , Margie used the words “ awfully funny “ to qualified the old book with pages

Between the lines 18-35 . Margie learnt that the book talked about school, and she was contemptuous because She hated school . we notice that she had a mechanical teacher, who gave her tests but she wasn’t competent in geography. Her teacher was only a screen which showed lessons, asked questions and calculated the mark in no time. So mechanical teachers seems practical and quick. But when there was a problem with mechanical teachers, they are sent to County Inspector. L21 to l 27,we learn Margie’s teacher had a problem in the geography sector and in order to resolve this matter, the county inspector fall with the level because for Margie the geography sector explained things too quickly for her .

Between the lines 36-63 . Margie was disappointed because she thought that the inspector would take her teacher away as Tommy’s because of the historic sector had blanked out . Line 37 , Tommy used the word : “stupid ” to Margie , when she asked to Tommy why would anyone write about school . Therefore he explained that it was not their school but the old school. The teachers were not machines, like Margie is used to, but were humans who can teach students by telling them things. Tommy explained that in the old days students were not taught in their homes, but gathered together in special buildings called schools. When Tommy had explained to Margie what the old school was , how the children learnt and how the children shall meet ;he added that the teacher wasn’t the robot but it was man , they Discussed to know if a man can know as much as a teacher . Margie was surprised when she had learnt that the kids learnt the same thing . l59 Margie used the word “funny schools” to qualified the old school,

Between the line 64-the end , Mrs Jones called Margie in order to take her lesson ;precisely arithmetic lesson Margie seemed unfortunate , she went into the schoolroom where waited the machanical teacher Margie have school every day except Saturday and Sunday , she have regular hours .When the mechanical teacher begins to recite the lesson Margie dreamt of her grandfather when he was a little boy . She dream the children life in the past , the teacher in the past , she was fascinated .I suppose she is jealous because she would like have the human teacher and to go in the school with his friends

The author has imagined a future , in 1957 who it is almost realized now in 2012 with the invention of the I-Pad . Here , the author gives us a vision of the futur rather frightening to me , where the robots will be present in our daily , it's true that there are positive points, as to study at home, choose the times but however there are more negative point as the problems with the programs of robots ,the financing of these machines , I hope this will not happen , because none robots can't never replace the work of a Teacher ,The teacher is here , to instruct us and help us to progre but especially support us in school with words or gestures as "hand on shoulder” I understand the Margie's reaction because for she , it wasn't fun ,Moreover there is unemployment, and there is too much redundancy in the field of education .

Modifié par lucile83 le 26-02-2012 09:03


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