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Correction/Expérience professionnelle

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Correction/Expérience professionnelle
Message de leoninie posté le 11-11-2011 à 13:19:41 (S | E | F)

Dans le cadre de mes études en alternance je dois faire une présentation orale en anglais de mon expérience en entreprise.
Maintenant que je l'ai faite il y a forcément des erreurs ,je le sens bien.
Si vous pouviez me donner un petit coup de main et me dire ce qui ne va pas...
Je vous remercie par avance!

La voici :

I'm now going to introduce myself and my working experience.
So i'm currently half of my training period to get my real estate degree in 2 years
Before starting this one i got my high school degree in marketing specialty then begin a year of law study at university.
The reasons why i'm chose this training are firstly my passion for the architecture and property and secondly all the competences that I acquired and appreciate previously like law, trade and marketing are in.
I currently make my real estate formation on a sandwich course at "mon entreprise".
The activity of my company is rental housing is indeed the most important real estate office in Nantes with over 12 000 council flats or houses only to the city.
I took a lot of time to find this work because I tried it a year ago to find nothing. Thus I searched during all my university course to be sure to have asked of all estate agency of Nantes.
I expected from this experience to practice all the theory seen in class and to increase my skills in this job.
Within "mon entreprise" I'm in the service Research and Development. In this one we have to do some real estate research before starting a building site but our main activity is to sell our houses and flats.
I do a lot of different task like marketing of new block of flat to sell, wich is to develop advertising, find new marketing idea, and develop our presence on the internet.
I also do more classic task like commercial letters to clients, phone calling, appointments with clients interested in our program, and selling of our houses already built.
I think the best result to my company is my young point of view and my new technologies skills that they don't have witch permit to boost their competitiveness with the new way of communicate.
The result for me is that I increase my professionalism, my skills in relationship with client, it also allowed me to discovered the word of work.
This is a good experience even if all the day aren't always great cause of mistakes and repetitive tasks, the rest is interesting and especially this allowed me to find my career because I'm now decided to pursuit my study to work in real estate marketing.
Thus is currently a great experience that I hope will stay a great one.

Modifié par lucile83 le 11-11-2011 13:58


Cours gratuits > Forum > Forum anglais: Questions sur l'anglais

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