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Essay on crisis identity

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Essay on crisis identity
Message de tutti-frutti88 posté le 01-05-2011 à 20:44:59 (S | E | F)

Could you correct my essay please?
Thanks for your answers!
See you soon

Imagine a dialogue between 2 friends talking about identity crisis

The identity crisis is very important all the human development long while the personality grows from the results of several life experiences. John and Erwin are 19 years old they are crossing an adolescence crisis. They will talk you about their parents, about the problem of acne and at the end they will share you about their fears of the future.
John: I am glad to see you Erwin because the life at home is too difficult with my “old” parents they don’t understand I shall not be any more their baby. They oblige me to go to the bed at 20.00 PM!!I ask them they should watch more TV to know better the life rhythms of the adolescence. I am irritated when my parents already ask me about their poor and serious childhood.
Erwin: I am lucky because my family seems so different then they take me a high liberty to go out, to meet my friends and invite them at home. Although I feel handsome and more interested in girls it’s very difficult to see me in the mirror: I am suffering my face was recovered by acne. I apply three times a day on my face a cream bought from the pharmacy.
John: Normally I will study in the letters university next year while I have to find now a job to pay the following studies.
Erwin: I wish you to make a success. My future is uncertain because I am depressed and unemployed person.
These both boys are conscious the crisis adolescence is not easy to overtake. They don’t only have the same difficulty but the same age.

Modifié par lucile83 le 01-05-2011 20:48


Cours gratuits > Forum > Forum anglais: Questions sur l'anglais

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