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Rédaction sur une chanson (1)

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Rédaction sur une chanson
Message de posté le 04-06-2009 à 01:26:29

Bonsoir !

Il est tard et en mauvaise élève je viens de finir ma rédaction pour demain >.>
Je poste au cas où un noctambule ou un matinal voudrait bien corriger ma rédaction sur une chanson de Bob Dylan. Dans tous les cas, merci


"Blowin' in the Wind" is a song written and performed by Bob Dylan and released on his album The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan in 1963. Although it has been described as a protest song, it poses a series of rhetorical questions about peace, war, and freedom.

Dylan wrote this song in about 10 minutes one afternoon, at a café called The Common.He puts words to the melody of an old slave song called "No More Auction Block".Dylan's song was released during the time of the Vietnam War and the civil rights movement, which people refer to as a time of depression, confusion and change.

In this song, the anaphora on “How many …” puts the emphasis on the eternal struggle for freedom and equality. On the two first lines, Dylan is asking how much does a man have to endure before he gains respect with “How many roads must a man walk down […]”. Then, the “seas” symbolizes the long road that peace (the “white dove sail”) must cover before it finds stability. The singer is trying to convey the message that there is no peace in the world until the fighting stops, because the dove can't find a place to sleep in the sand due to the constant fighting on the beaches around the world. With “the cannons balls”, Dylan denounces the war and violence, and wishes that it will be “forever banned”.

In the second verse, the “mountain” is metaphorical and refers to African American for example. Indeed, a mountain is separated from the sea ; the same is true of African American who suffer from discrimination. Besides, the following sentences confirm the explanation with “before they’re allowed to be free”. Next, Dylan disagrees some people’s behaviour who simply decide to ignore unfairness, racism, war …

In the third and final verse, the poet asks for that we each take personal responsibility for redressing the injustices previously mentioned. Looking up but being unable to see the sky suggests that people assume intolerable things for they are used to see that. Dylan feels indignant when he says “how many deaths will it take till he knows/That too many people have died?”.

“Blowin in the Wind” is one of the most popular protest songs which has been frequently covered by hundreds of artists. It opposes segregation, violence and war, but because of there are no sign of time, the song is timeless and can symbolize many causes.
It became a classic and a must-song which traveled down the ages ; it’s a real legacy. Plus, Bob Dylan is an emblem of folk music, which I like a lot. Thanks to him, many people were sensitive by the cause of freedom. This song seems me obvious for this subject.

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Réponse: Rédaction sur une chanson de intrepid34, postée le 04-06-2009 à 07:39:54
Good morning Spouh

I'm hope I'm not too late - but your essay sounds great to me. Bob Dylan was certainly one of the Vietnam protest musicians as was Joen Baez. Good essay, good luck!!


Réponse: Rédaction sur une chanson de ariette, postée le 04-06-2009 à 07:56:48
not bad at all for a bad pupil !
verse : stanza ? (pour couplet) ; the war ; asks for that we : ask us to ; disagrees with ; used to see : used to seeing ; because of there are is no sign of time ; sensitive by : made aware ? ; seems me

Réponse: Rédaction sur une chanson de , postée le 04-06-2009 à 23:56:32
Oh, merci ! Je vais essayer de lui rendre une 2e version corrigée demain, elle acceptera peut-être

Intrepid => I hesitated between Dylan and Baez Finally, I choose Dylan because of the lyrics, which are more interesting to explain, but Joan Baez is a great singer too !

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