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Urgent préparation aux compos rédaction (1)

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Urgent préparation aux compos rédaction
Message de n29000 posté le 04-11-2008 à 12:08:39 (S | E | F)

Voila deux de nos redactions répondant au sujet "quels sont vos projets dans l'avenir?"
c'est un travail personnel sans correction que nous faisons dans le but de se préparer à des compositions
pouvez vous donnez votre avis et corrigez? merci beaucoup

What are my plans in the future ? For the moment I would like to pass my exams and my driving test. Later I’m going to travel around the world.
Now I’m studying economics and social to be successful in my General Certificate of education. I got my highway code, it’s why I can driving with my parents and I fell like getting my driving licence. Then I’m thinking of studying languages or photography.
It’s very important for me to travel, it’s why I’m determined to visit every country of the world. I’m going to take the plane to New-York, to go skiing in the Oral, to have a picnic in Spitzberg, to windsurf on the Pacific Ocean, to pick flower in Peru. I wish I could travel for 2 years with a friend who has given me the idea. Discoveries, new experiences, beautiful landscapes, generous people, it will be our daily. I already imagine.
After that I’ve decided to have a family, children and grand children. I hope I can realize all my project because it’s really like that, that I dream of my future life.

"What am I am going to do in the future?". I don't exactly know what I'm doing to do but I know what I would like to do: be succesfull in my studies, integrate an interpreter school and especially travel around the world to broad my mind!
First, I will do my studies. I'm thinking of doing a bachelor's degree in applied foreign languages to study economic, right in different languages: english, german and russian. After that, I'm going to go abroad maybe in New Zealand, Russia and Germany because then I hope to integrate an interpreter school, therefore, I need to practise a lot these languages and impregnate myself of these different cultures.
If I manage to make a success of this first step it will be great! and I could realize my greatest dream: travel all around the world, especially in the northen countries: Russia, Spitzberg, Groenland, Alaska, Iceland, etc... I'm going to realize this with a great friend; she's as crazy as me! Take one or two years to travel, by hitching or cargo boat! But that's exactly what I want, live some amazing experience. The experiences we lived through broading our mind, I consequuently need to realize this before starting a professional life.
I hope all these wishes will carry out, but I always work on the assumption that when we will we can do it.


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