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william somerset / correction (1)

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william somerset / correction
Message de loyua posté le 22-04-2008 à 04:27:32 (S | E | F)

Bonjour à tous!
Voila, je dois résumer un thriller, désolé ce n'est pas très gai à lire! ^^
Si vous pouviez m'indiquer mes fautes, je vous remercie!

Title : Se7en Genre : Triller Release date : september 22 1995
Directed by : David Fincher
Starring : Morgan Freeman (detective William Somerset), Brad Pitt (detective David Mills), Gwineth Paltrow (Tracy, David's wife), and Kevin Spacey (the murderer)

Detective william somerset is a old police officer, worn-out after a lenghty career in a folorn and grimy city. On week before his retirement, he meet his replacement, the young and ambitious detective Mills. The training of David Mills begins from the next morning : a man was found dead in his flat, and the investigation should be leaded by the two detectives. They discover an obese man, hands and feet bound with barbed wire, the face plunged into a bowl of food. Afterwards, the forensic scientist confirms that he he was force-fed until he is dying from internal haemorrahge. The next day, the famous lawyer Eli Gould is discovered dead in his office. GREED was written with blood on the floor, and it seems that he was forced to cut himself a piece of flesh. Mills goes to the scene of the crime. Meanwhile, Somerset returns to the flat of the first crime, for looking for clues. He discovers that the word GLUTTONY was written with grease behind the refrigerator and he found a paper on which is written « long is the way, and hard, that out of hell leads to light ».
The detectives make quickly the connection, the murders are inspired by the seven deadly sins, so they must expect five other crimes...
The next day, Somerset isinvited too dinner by Tracy, the detective Mills'wife. At the end of the dinner, the two men returns to Eli gould's office, where fingerprints are discovered on a wall and directly analyzed. Then, the murderer is identified, his name is victor. Police officers, Mills and Somerset go to his flat and find the man lying down on bed. A police officer orders him to stand up, but he doesn't react, so he decides to lift his duvet and... surprise, it is not the murderer but a corpse in state of decomposition whose his hand is amputated. The word SLOTH is written above the bed. Victor has been confined illegally in his bed for one year.
The murderer play with the detective, what irritates Mills.
Secretly, Tracy contacts Somerset, and speak him about his imminent pregnancy, and the reservations that she has with raising a child in a dangerous city. Somerset pays a contact in FBI for a list of names having consulted books of the library about the seven deadly sins. The name of Jonathan Doe is veryrecurrentt, they go to his flat, and they see him in the hall, the man fires several shots at them immediately. After a long pursuit, Doe succeed in escaping. His flat is searched, and photos of the next victim, a prostitute, are discovered. They find her in a club, dead, strapped to a bed. The word LUST is carved on the door of the room. A hysterical man is found with her, afterwards, at the time of thequestioningg, he reveals that he was forced by John Doe to have sex withcuttingg instrument until she dies.
The next day, the murderer call the police to say that he did it again. The fifth victim is ,a model, lying on his bed, in his luxury flat, his face has been totally lacerated and PRIDE was written with a lipstick above his bed.
Twist, some hours later, Doe surrenders to the Police. He offers to own up all the murders and brings the police to the two other victims, if Mills and Somerset escort him. Arrived in the middle of an empty field they get out of the car and walk.Suddenlyy, a delivery van arrives on the horizon. The van is stopped by Somerset, a parceladdressedd to Mills is given to him by the driver.
Modifié par bridg le 22-04-2008 06:35
titre distinctif

Réponse: william somerset / correction de joey93, postée le 22-04-2008 à 15:59:15 (S | E)
is An old...One week...he met (fait passé); they discovered (fait passé); until he dies from...., was discovered dead (voix passive au passé)
Mills went to ... en anglais, il n'y a pas de présent narratif comme en français, on utilise plutôt le prétérit order to look for clues... he discovered...on which was written...
the detective quickly made the link
the next day...somerset was invited for a dinner with..the 2 men returned..where fingerprints were discovered...then the murder was identified...his name was Victor....They went to his flat and found...ordered him...but he didn't react...he decided wasn't the murderer but...whose hand was amputuated...was written....the murderer played with the detectives which made Mills irritating.
contacted...and told him about...and the misgivings (appréhensions)that she had with...
pour tout le reste du texte, il faut que tu mettes du prétérit là où tu as mis du présent, comme je te l'ai dit, il n'y a pas de présent narratif en anglais.
But indeed, it's a nice story
En espérant t'avoir aidé, Joey.

Réponse: william somerset / correction de loyua, postée le 26-04-2008 à 07:03:20 (S | E)
Merci beaucoup! Cela m'a bien aidé!


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