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ListenToMyStory /aide

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ListenToMyStory /aide
Message de kevin posté le 18-06-2020 à 16:06:14 (S | E | F)
At the beginning of the academic year 2021-2022, I will start my master at the University of Lille. This master deals with ecology, biodiversity and evolutionary biology and is entirely taught in English. I’m currently preparing it learning and improving my English skills by reading books. Indeed, I’ll have to sit an exam to apply for the master : the IELTS. Without it, I can’t even apply because the educational team won’t be able to know if I will understand the courses. Furthermore, as there are only fifteen places in this master, I’ll have to get a good score.

The goal of writing down here is to use new words or grammar points to memorize them. I’ll surely make mistakes. I’ll probably even make mistakes on other points than the ones I’m working on but still I am here. I would like you, if you agree, to participate in my journey. I am going to post regularly new paragraphs testing my English skills and using, as I said, new vocabulary etc. If the human being that you are wants to help me, I’ll thank you very much.
Don’t hesitate to tell if I’m wrong and where I am. I would appreciate too if you have other formulations, synonyms… An example in this short text : “This master deals with”, are there other ways to tell this ? Maybe more formal ways that an examiner would appreciate ?
Thank you for reading this. Let’s read us soon !

Modifié par lucile83 le 18-06-2020 22:36

Réponse : ListenToMyStory /aide de gerondif, postée le 18-06-2020 à 16:22:34 (S | E)
mistakes in blue.
Don’t hesitate to tell if I’m wrong .are there other ways to tell this ?
Don’t hesitate to tell me if I’m wrong
Don’t hesitate to say it if I’m wrong.
to say, dire in French, means to pronounce a word.
to tell, raconter, means to tell a story into somebody's ear.
He said good bye, il a dit au revoir,il a prononcé ces paroles, pas il a raconté au revoir.
Let’s read us soon
You wouldn't say : Let's speak to us, but let's speak to each other.

Ok, we'll see what you publish, then !

Réponse : ListenToMyStory /aide de kevin, postée le 18-06-2020 à 16:53:00 (S | E)
Thank you for your answer gerondif !

In fact, I always thought that "to say" and "to tell" had the same meaning. I can get the difference now, thank you. :D

Réponse : ListenToMyStory /aide de elizabethf, postée le 19-06-2020 à 11:09:00 (S | E)
Just to make it clear :
You tell somebody something : he told you a story
You say something to somebody : He said goodbye.

Never "to" after tell but you can say : he said to me he would be late. / He told me he would be late.

I don't know if I'm clear enough. Don't hesitate to tell me.

To correct the sentence : Don’t hesitate to tell if I’m wrong and where I am. It's possible to omit the pronoun after tell but it's not very good for an application, it's more when talking with friends, it's not proper grammar. I remember friends in Canada saying things like that but it's better not to say it like that.

I'll be delighted to help you in any way, don't hesitate.

Réponse : ListenToMyStory /aide de kevin, postée le 01-07-2020 à 08:59:15 (S | E)
Good morning.

I'm really sad to see that my last answer hasn't been posted.
I assume that there has been a problem. I was thanking you elizabethf for your answer. I'm glad to see that you agree to help me !

Réponse : ListenToMyStory /aide de lucile83, postée le 01-07-2020 à 09:06:56 (S | E)
I suppose you didn't click on the button 'Poster' or any other bug as I didn't find anything about another message from you.

Réponse : ListenToMyStory /aide de kevin, postée le 01-07-2020 à 09:12:18 (S | E)
It's nothing. It's just that I didn't want this person to think that I didn't care about her answer.

Thank you anyway for checking it !


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