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Correction/Lettre de motivation

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Correction/Lettre de motivation
Message de marea posté le 02-05-2019 à 21:59:01 (S | E | F)
Bonsoir !
J'ai dû rédiger une lettre de motivation (et répondre à quelques questions) afin de pouvoir participer à un séjour au Danemark organisé par mon lycée. J'aurais donc vraiment besoin de votre aide pour m'aider à corriger cette fameuse lettre, s'il vous plaît.
Merci d'avance !

I am a student of the section Bachibac, so like all of the students in this section I have 8 hours -per week- of Spanish. Therefore, we often read Spanish books, listen Spanish, watch Spanish series, travel in Spain (for a significant part of our group) ; in a sense, we are totally focused on Spanish.
However, I want to develop another language. I think that it is definetly not enough to master only one langage (except mother tongue). I know that Spanish constitute one of the world’s most widely spoken languages, but the language of Shakespeare is, today, the key to communicate with a significant part of the world.
Moreover, I love languages. I wish that they will take a part of my studies, even If I don’t exactly know what I want to do later, but definitely something linked with the international like humanitarian aid. For this second reason, I need to improve my English. I don’t have to abandon it for a langage that I master better, so I’m still whatching series in English, participating in English but travels are the better solution, the better way to really improve us ; they are the opportunity to talk with a lot of people and enhance our communication skills. Even if I can understand a conversation and I can have a conversation, I still need to extend my vocabulary, I lack plenty of words.

Consequently, even if it is a trip of 5 days, I would have the opportunity to talk in English and I would take it during the workshops and discussions established for this forum and during the free time, to talk with the others international students. Moreover, I have never been in an Northern country so talking with Germans, Swedes, Norwegians, Danes and spend a stay in Danemark would be a great chance, for me, to discover new cultures (or at least, a part of its) and new ways of thinking which is incredibly rewarding ! Discovering the Danish system school woud be really interesting too.

I would add that I am definitely addicted to trips, they allow you to open your mind and to enrich you by meeting new people, for example. Besides, the idea of discovering a new part of the world is really exciting (except meeting new people, learning new cultures or ways of thinking, we can also see new landscapes and type of architecture) ! One of my dream is to visit many countries as possible ; I even have a world map to color all the countries where I have been (not a lot as of now but I hope to change it).

- About your questions, as I am in Bachibac, I travelled in Spain in seconde and during this year ; I also was in Miami for an international mobility last year, so yes I have already been on a school trip.

- I can understand and converse in most everyday situations.

- I enjoy group work.
Group work is better than working alone, even if it’s important to know how to work alone but I think that we are more efficient in a group. Indeed, we can have more prospects, more points of view on a subject, we can help us each others and this/it is important. I would add that group work (helping each other and thinking about something in a group) is the principle of a society itself so group work should be develop in the French school system.
Furthermore, group work is really more funny than individual work.

- As I said before, I really want to work in something linked with the international like humanitarian aid, so I totally need to improve my English and to improve it, I have to seize all of the opportunies that are given to me, like this stay. I don’t want to se fermer des portes  because of my insufficient level.

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Modifié par marea le 03-05-2019 20:25


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