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Correction/Idea of progress

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Correction/Idea of progress
Message de lise134 posté le 01-05-2019 à 11:25:04 (S | E | F)
voici ma fiche sur la notion d'espaces et échanges;pourriez-vous m'aider à corriger les éventuelles erreurs s'il vous plait ?
Merci pour vos réponses.

I'm going to deal with the notion « idea of progress ». To begin with, I'd like to give a definition of progress. So the progress is a movement forwards or a positive development. The idea of progress is the idea that the Human condition can improve through advances in science, technology and social organization.
We may wonder :
Is progress still good?
I've divided my presentation into two sections. First, I'll talk about positiv apsects of progress. Then I'll focus about limits of progress .

first of all in english class we studied the progess of science by intelligence artificiel
in the document Brave new world world the story take place in London’s harchery and conditionning center normaly in reproduction one egg producces eight to ninety six buds which produces one adult but the Bokanovsky’s process it consists to create 96 human beeings out of only one egg. This allows cloning humans , beeing on a wide scale . The purpose of having 96 identical people consists that the inventors can staff a whole factory they can worl on 96 identical machines . the worforce is easily controlled and led to accommlish similar tasks. The conceptors are totally empowered.
The clones will allow cohesion in the society , the world of work . But there is other aspects like humans humans will be able to choose the characteristics of their child.
then we saw the evolution of transport through a document which was composed of a stamp collection.
today the transport are designed to go faster and faster and further and further .
on the stamp we see a happpy family next to poster about the inauguration of canadian pacific it will be the a long railway

evolution of transport through a stamp collection
the description says : the world longest scenic dome this stamp shows that transports are faster for exemple this train s. traveled from Montreal and Toronto to Vancouver about 16 hours faster .
it is intended for families because the layout is more comfortable
progress also affects health where peoples men can live longer, heal themselves.
II) limits of progress

During our lessons about progress we learned that technical progress for exemple robots and AI . they are especially designed to help mans We saw a trailer that illustrates this thesis that was Bicentennial Man this robots as designed to help a family for exemple he can do household chores like play children. He was created whith human emotions and some time after the robot wants to become a human. it shows that technical progress can simplify our lives
however in some science fiction film the robot becomes stronger than the inventor it creates wars as in Terminator movie. one day humans will no longer be useful to society, they will be less powerful .
we listened to a mini report on the fact that eating insects will be a solution to feed humanity in a few years Climatic changes do not allow agriculture to have high yields. It allow it will even feed the poorest. moreover insects have the same protein content that a piece of meat. however they will be produced in mass breeding it will also no encourage safety to humanity

progress is a good thing because it saves man time like revolution of transports robots that technical progress can simplify our lives
it can bring solutions to problems like disease,

to save humanity progress is an effective solution

Modifié par lucile83 le 01-05-2019 11:27

Réponse : Correction/Idea of progress de lucile83, postée le 01-05-2019 à 21:30:13 (S | E)


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