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Correction/ Rédaction
Message de rominai25 posté le 23-11-2017 à 19:14:18 (S | E | F)
Hi, everybody,
I really need your help to correct my oral presentation about A.I. You could also give me your opinion, if you like or not .
Thanks for your help. I hope you will enjoy it.

Be or not to be, said Shakespeare, this quote known as his creator might be a interesting question when we talk about the ariticial intelligence called A.I
Indeed, years goes, and more and more technologies are created in several different categories, (social networks, smartphones, robots…Ect), most unbelievable and crazier than each others are emerged.
We will notice the transhumanism, pushing Human to make humans more efficient as well as physically that mentally. Writers inspired by this new wave, give themselves the goal to show us every possible futurs that we could have, in worst or better case.
Imagine a world in which you could discuss with robots, imagine transfered your mind into a body who couldn't age, imagine to be able to walk or see again. Would you like this futur and thus possible consequences ?

1/ Definition
A.I or artificial intelligence is a computer system made by human possessing intellectuals skills similar to human brain. This means understanding language and resolution of problems.
But limits exist for this definition …
Because of the definition of intelligence which is defined as the capacity to learn, reasoning, to possess a conscience, feelings ect.. But A.I hasn’t conscience,also she isn't capable to learn. In fact she collects data, then excute algorithms to solve problems. In this idea the A.I is limited in his functions, she only does that why she was made. Consequently definition of IA is blurred for now

2/ Running
In a simple way, A.I is an informatic program constituted of instructions sequences which specify step by step operations to do in order to obtain an answer to the request. Three elements are essential :
-Database in utilisation domain (for example : cat pictures)
-Interference engine which didacte logical thinking to solve problems
-User interface in which the personn concern communicate his answer. (example : keyboard)

4/ Issues
Machines help us everyday. However we can wonder about the place of technologies in workplace. Indeed, if we replace manual jobs by robots, we will remove several jobs in favour of a efficient productivity. Causing problems in the range of economic and socials.

5/ Movies
So, with this new area, the problematic of A.I has inspired movie directors to create movies.
Problematics approach are :
-The control by machines, approach in Matrix in which Neo, a anonymous programmer, discover that he lives in a fake world control by machines and whose he have to free himself to try to break defenses of the Matrice.
-In the same way, in the movie I.Robot, robots are become perfect assistant for human being. The detective Del Spooner investigate the murder of Doctor Alferd LAnning, a researcher in robotics. Principal suspect is an android called Sonny. But, if we refer to robotics laws, robots can’t kill…and yet…
-The distinction between human and artificial human in The movie A.I Articial intelligence.
*Transhumanims is an international cultural and intellectual movement advocating the use of sciences and the techniques to improve the physical and mental characteristics of the human beings.

A.I is a discipline which never stop to evolve since fifties. Today, this concept occupy a major place in the society which grant a growing value. Many people wonder if one day the A.I will surpass ours. However, it is impossible for now because A.I has been created by humans although we think that if Humans continue to improve robot thanks to new technologies, A.I could surpass us one day !

Modifié par lucile83 le 23-11-2017 19:41


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